I adore my wife. We have been married for almost 9 years. Over the years I have learned more and more about this amazing woman.  For example she is incredibly smart, but sometimes lacks basic common sense.  In fact sometimes I feel like I am growing old with Rose Nylund, Betty White's character from the TV show 'Golden Girls'.

Several years ago, I told her there was a big storm headed for us.  We turned on 'Local On The 8s' on The Weather Channel so look at the radar.  Flint was in the center of the screen, and you could see Owosso in the upper left.  I pointed off to the left side of the television set and said, "It's over here, on the other side of Lansing."  Her response was, "See?  If we had a bigger TV we could see Lansing!"  Trying to keep a straight face as she realized what she had just said, she followed up with, "Uh... you know I was kidding, right?"

Sorry, I digress.  There are so many things I love about my wife, but there are a few things she does that drive me absolutely crazy.  The latest thing involves our garage door.  From the kitchen we have a door to the garage that I leave unlocked.  From the garage, there is the main door which is on the automatic opener, and another door to the deck in the back yard which is typically locked.

I'll go out to get groceries.  When I get home, I open the main garage door from my car.  With my hands loaded with bags of food, 12-packs of pop, and an 80-pound back of water softener salt. I try to get into the house, and she has locked the inside door.  Bare in mind that without a garage door opener, there is no way to gain access to my house from the garage.  I hate that!

I know I do things that drive her nuts too.  Number one on her list is probably when I pull a Dutch oven.  So what does your spouse do that drives you crazy?  Chime in with your pet peeves in the comments section below.