As if couples with weddings planned for 2020 don't have enough problems, now one of the largest  provider of tuxedos in the midwest has locked its doors.

President Tuxedo has seemingly gone out of business without any warning or notification. Locking their doors wasn't exactly sudden either.  The company closed their locations back in March due to CDC guidelines along with their production center and corporate offices. Their website stated  this was temporary. Now brides and grooms are without tuxedos, refunds on deposits, and their phone calls and emails are going unanswered.

According to WXYZ in Detroit, dozens of brides and grooms all over Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Kentucky are posting their complaints on the chain's Facebook page. Phone calls to the company's headquarters in Sterling Heights, Michigan are also going unanswered. Even worse, according to the Better Business Bureau, President Tuxedo is listed as "no longer in business".

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Those couples still trying to salvage some sort of a wedding amid the ongoing coronavirus are now dealing with a loss of deposits and trying to find another source for formalwear. In a post to the company Facebook page, one women commented that she was former manager of a President Tuxedo location here in Michigan. She writes, "We were mandated March 19th to close our store immediately due to Covid.
On May 29th they informed ALL associates were were released from our jobs.
Effective June 1st company closed!" She added that employees were blindsided by the move as well as customers.

Those bridal parties with deposits lost to President Tuxedo are advised to dispute the charges with their banks or credit card companies.

President Tuxedo has 20 stores as part of their chain including one at Genesee Valley Center in Flint Township.  Some locations are privately owned, and are reportedly still opened for business.


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