And it was all started by local firefighters. 

The Central Cass Fire Department in Cassopolis, Michigan (a village just north of the Michigan/Indiana border) just held a pancake breakfast on Saturday to raise money for 3-year-old Arial Harrison, a little girl who was attacked by a dog last year.

She was on her grandmother's trampoline when the dog attacked, dragging her by her head. She lost her ears and most of her head is a skin graft. The first surgery to give her prosthetic ears would cost at least $12,000.

So, the Central Cass firefighters joined forces to raise money for the little girl, via fundraisers and online. Not only did they raise the $12K, but they went above and beyond - raising THREE TIMES that amount from people all over the world.

Amazing work on the part of the fire department and the entire community. Can't wait to see what's next for this little girl!

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