First of all, this is NOT a paid endorsement.

But I had to share how delighted we've been since installing this cool little gadget. If you have a landline, and you're sick of solicitors, robocalls, and nuisance calls, this sucker is for you.

The CPR V5000 Call Blocker has completely eliminated the garbage calls at our house.

It's easy to install, you simply put it inline before one or more phones in your home. We put ours immediately after the phone modem, so nuisance calls are blocked on all extensions. (There are different hookup options outlined in the documentation.)

It comes pre-loaded with 5,000 known scam numbers, and there are provisions to block area codes where junk calls are known to originate. If a solicitation call does sneak through, it's easy to add that caller's number to the system. Just hit the block button, or dial #2 after you answer.

My wife rolled her eyes when I said she could dial #2, because she's not tech-mined, and not about to make room for that in her brain. So I reminded her that s--t is often referred to as 'number two.' And if she gets a call that she considers s--t, she can dial number two, and poof! (A little crude, I admit -- but she remembers now.)

It's $100, so I hesitated for a bit before pulling the trigger. But after a few weeks of peace and quiet, I consider it money well spent.

If only there were a solution this good for cellphones!

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