Aren't security cameras awesome? And how brazen can these women be?

Patricia Quinones shared a video on Facebook after a couple of women stole all the flowers she had on her property -- flowers that she had just purchased the day before to spruce things up in her yard.

"But I guess my house looked TOO nice with all those plants because these two females decided to come when everyone was asleep (5-6am) and park on the grass and take all of my flowers."

The video, which has been viewed nearly two million times since it was posted on Tuesday (5/29) shows the two women stripping all the potted flowers from Quinones' porch in Wyoming and yard and driving off.

Here's the good news:  Quinones just updated her Facebook post, indicating that the women had been identified and that the detectives had returned the stolen flowers to her.

Time for me to go buy a security system!

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