These girls absolutely KILLED it and we love it!

You can call it "incentive" or you can call it "bribery" but either way, kids (especially teenagers) will do almost anything for some expendable cash. And that's exactly what Jessica Hayes-Stallings did with her two daughters.

She offered them each $100 cash to spend however they wanted to if they could learn how to play 50 Cent's In Da Club on their violins. Not only that but BY EAR. As in, by memory - no music.

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We'd say that they absolutely SLAYED it, wouldn't you?

Jessica says that they were inspired by contemporary violinist and composer Josh Vietti, who has his own version that the girls taught themselves. BRILLIANT, isn't it?

I played the violin for 14 years and one thing that I loved was that you don't have to play classical music on a string instrument - there are SO MANY possibilities and I love these girls for giving it a go!

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