A lawyer for the family says that the school has not responded to their complaints, so they have to sue to get their attention.

Thunder Mountain Middle School in Enumclaw, Washington, kept a record of all the bullying complaints, but never took action. As a result, the family of the young man is suing for $1.2 million.

The family does not want their last name released for privacy reasons, but Andrew (the student) says he was bullied daily for years. Everything from pushing, shoving, knocking his books out of his hands to choke-holds.

The worst attack happened in front of a crowd, where he was jumped from behind. He had a bloody nose and broken braces. A police report was made, but no charges were filed. Andrew says that he complained to the school at least 50 times, and they told him that they would "look into it."

Andrew's mother Tonya says that the superintendent suggested they send him to an alternative school. Tonya says that she hopes this will change the way that schools deal with bullying.

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