We had something happen at our house last night that was extremely suspicious and a little scary too. I got a text from my wife last night that a guy from AAA Home Insurance was at our house and he was looking around outside. When I called her to get more details, my wife said that our dog, Izzie, was going crazy... barking, growling, and snarling at this man.

Knowing that we don't have AAA Home Insurance, I called AAA to ask if they send people out to random houses at 6pm when the wind chill is -20 for any reason.  They emphatically told me "Absolutely not!" and advised me to call the police.

I dialed 911 and told them of our situation and they sent an officer out to search the area.  The officer then went to our house to talk with my wife.  Izzie had a much different reaction to the officer.  She was doing her typical curious sniffing, but no snarling or growling.

My wife said the man was polite and well-mannered, typical of someone who is up to something, and apparently our dog saw right through his charade.  It reminded me of the scene in 'Home Alone' when Joe Pesci's character posed as a police officer to scope out homes before he and his partner robbed them.

My next-door neighbor was coming home from work and he saw a suspicious vehicle on our road.  It looked like he was debating on what driveway he was going to pull into, and apparently he settled for ours.

This so-called AAA Insurance Agent was in his mid-50s with glasses and grayish-black hair.  He was wearing a blue coat and a trapper or bomber-style hat. My wife and my neighbor agree that the vehicle was a mid-90s Ford Explorer, although while my wife thought it was a gold or tan color, my neighbor is pretty sure it was more of a hunter green.  It's obviously hard to tell in the dark, but my neighbor got out of his car and walked into his house and was much closer to the vehicle than my wife, who never left the house.

I just spoke with Mundy Township Police and they wanted me to remind everyone that if you see any suspicious vehicles or people, don't hesitate to call 911.  The police can't be everywhere at once and we are the eyes and ears for law enforcement.  And the sooner you call, the better because the odds of the police being able to track down that vehicle or suspect is much better if you call them immediately.

Please share this information with your friends and family in Mid-Michigan, and quite frankly... anywhere!  This could prevent your home from being robbed, or Heaven forbid, something worse.

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