A Desert Storm veteran was jailed this week after saving a dog from a hot car. It happened in a store parking lot in Athens, Georgia when Michael Hammons heard someone saying there was a dog in distress. Some shoppers had already phoned police and were waiting for them to arrive. Hammons didn't want the dog to wait any longer. He went into action by grabbing the foot support of his wife's wheelchair, breaking the window, and freeing the dog.

When the owner came out of the store and saw what had happened, she was irate. She  insisted that he was arrested. Hammons told reporters that he knew there would be consequences but he didn't care. He also said, "Glass, they make new glass every day, but they could never replace that dog."  The woman was cited by Animal Control for the incident.

Do you think he should have been jailed for this unbelievable crime, or should the owner face stiffer penalties?

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