Be advised; don't be "that guy" or gal on social media throwing a tantrum.

Walmart and Sam's Club are the latest national chains to announce that they'll be requiring customers to wear masks for the foreseeable future.

According to the company, about 65% of their store locations are already in areas where face coverings are mandatory. Best Buy and Starbucks have also announced that they'll be requiring masks for customer entry.

Walmart will be having a "health ambassador" at the entrance of their stores to police the mask requirements. Sam's Club will provide masks to customers who do not have one upon entry.

Among the other national chains that are requiring masks as of Monday - Kroger and Kohl's will join in on the mask train. Kohl's employees have been required to wear masks while they work since May.

Almost all of these chains offer curbside pickup, so it's possible to receive your products without going inside. However, if an employee comes to your car window, a mask would be appreciated.

Please, please, PLEASE comply with this request. Remember, the health ambassadors and people who are tasked with enforcing the mask mandate are JUST THE MESSENGERS. And what do we always say about that? DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER.

They didn't make the rules, but they're in charge of enforcing them. Be kind and wear a mask. The faster that we get people to wear masks at all times, the faster that we can move past this dumpster fire of a pandemic.

We're wearing masks at Roof Sit this week, please wear yours!

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