The dog was in the car for over an hour on a 90 degree day.

The video was taken outside of a music festival in Ontario, Canada over the weekend. Instagram user Will Costa, who filmed it, says that a crowd started to gather after a parking ticket on the car had expired.

“Police were called, there were announcements over the PA system asking the BMW owners to come to their car, and a reasonable amount of time had passed when he started smashing the window,” Costa told the Sarnia Observer.

A man decided to smashed the window and remove the little white dog (who was soaked with sweat) from the car. The owners didn't come back until almost an hour after the dog was rescued, and didn't feel as if they had done anything wrong because they had cracked the window. *eye roll*

It sounds like this guy won't face charges, thank goodness. There ARE good people in the world!

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