Congratulations, Maddy Barch!

Maddy has been playing football since she was in the 7th grade. She also plays basketball and soccer but, when some guys on the football team asked if she would kick for them, she said yes and the rest is history.

Barch is a senior at Utica High School and was just accepted to Kalamazoo College as the first female to play football for the school. She's going to major in biology with plans on going to medical school.

Her coach at Utica told the Detroit Free Press that “she does her own thing, gets ready and dressed in a different locker room, then joins the team. Anywhere we’re going, whether it’s a team meeting or out on the field, she’s right there. It’s really no different. She’s been around for years, so it’s not even something we think about.”

That's a BIG DEAL, Maddy! Congratulations!

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