She says that she's been putting them up for a decade without incident, until now.

An update to a story we brought you earlier this week - the Plymouth woman whose neighbors were complaining about her Halloween decorations has spoken out. She tells WXYZ-Detroit that she will NOT be "bullied" into taking them down.

Lisa Wright says that she's been collecting the creepy dolls from garage sales, and that a family member took them down earlier this week when she was on vacation. It was also revealed that they complained on a message board (*cough cough* keyboard warriors) instead of talking to her in person.

The display includes a graveyard and dolls, hanging upside from a tree, with limbs removed and duct tape over their mouths and eyes.

Good for her! I won't stand for this war on Halloween anymore! The people complaining are probably just itching to put up their Christmas decorations on November 1st. What ever happened to TALKING to people in person? It's really not that hard.

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