I know that some people are freaked out by dolls, but is this too far? 

In today's episode of "Who's Offended?" we go to Plymouth, Michigan, just outside of Livonia. The Halloween display on the corner of Pacific and Blanche has some neighbors calling the local police AND news stations.

It includes several dolls, naked, duct taped and hanging from nooses on a tree. Neighbor Marilyn Yoe told WXYZ Detroit that she likes decorations when they're "cute and spooky," but she doesn't like THESE decorations.

However, it doesn't appear that the homeowners were asked to take the decorations down, but they DID remove them before the news story aired. Yoe says that her neighbor can put up anything that she wants to and that she doesn't have to like it.

I mean, it's a LITTLE bit disturbing. I don't know, I'm on the fence about it. I definitely wouldn't call the police, though. How about just knocking on the door and talking to your neighbor? What a concept!

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