I keep telling myself that I'm gonna save up for one of those fancy cameras one of these days. It's a nice thought.

Frankly, I haven't done it because my iPhone camera keeps getting better and better, and I'm also not a professional photographer. So, when I saw that a company had a waterproof case that was MEANT to take underwater video and photos, I bought it for our trip to Kona, Hawaii.

Unpaid endorsement: it's called a HITCASE. Obviously, I was nervous and tested it out before using. It actually WORKS. You have to use the side buttons for video and photos since the touchscreen isn't available underwater. But nonetheless, here are some of the amazing videos I was able to take.

Here's the problem: you'd better hold on to your phone tightly. VERY tightly. Because you could drop it... as I did.

I flipped my goggles up to see where our tour boat was, so I could swim over to it - and I dropped my phone. I fumbled my hands to grab it, and one of the other tour boats thought that I was panicking and asked if I needed help. I said "no, I'm good," and during that short sentence, my phone floated down into the abyss of the Pacific Ocean.

I was SO MAD at myself. I had a gut feeling that this would happen, yet I did nothing to prevent it. Our tour guide, Aaron, said that he could get it back. I said, "That's super sweet of you, but I doubt it." He took it as a challenge, so we swam over to the area where I lost it. I took one look under the water and, as if God himself were smiling down on me, I could see it sticking out of the sand. 

Still, though, it was pretty deep, and all we had was snorkel equipment. Aaron took a deep breath and plummeted below, while I watched from the surface.


Needless to say, I tipped well on that trip. And I'm not gonna lie, the videos that I was able to capture were totally worth it. However, some friendly advice to HITCASE: include straps on your future products.

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