I personally can't even begin to count the amount of times I walked into the store. It was so much more than a card shop, it was a gifting experience. Now after 90 years, Underhill's Hallmark is closing its doors.

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Underhill's Hallmark is set to close their doors in June. In a post to their Facebook page, the store is running a  sale ahead of closing. The post also indicates the store, located on Corunna Rd, will be closed Sunday's and Monday's leading up to the permanent closing.

Current owner Bob Hough purchased Underhill's back in 1976 from Earl Underhill as a career change from being a pharmacist. At the time, Underhill's was located at Flushing and Ballenger in Flint. At one point he had a second Hallmark store located in Genesee Valley Center, but eventually merged the business.

Hough grew the business alongside late wife Teresa who passed away in 2008. Hough commented on the business and closing telling Mlive,

"As a Hallmark shop you don't sell anything that's necessary to survive. So, you know, I kept a lot of my regular customers from the last few years, but then COVID hit and it came to a point where it's time to walk away., It's really hard to do that"

Their Facebook page is filled with thank you's to the public for years of support.

"Just really want to thank the Flint market," Hough told Mlive. "We did great for years, and especially Flint. Flint had such a negative image for years, but yet we were one of the largest (Hallmark) stores in the country and survived."

Sales on everything in the store will continue until the doors close for the last time.


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