We've tried to hang on to summer for as long as possible. We haven't turned the furnace on. We haven't put in the storm door. My son still rides his motorcycle. (Although he now has to bundle up and wear his winter gloves.)

But we got a reality check over the weekend -- a bitter (but sweet) reminder that summer has faded away.

Our favorite ice cream place closed for the season.

Yesterday (9/30) was the last day for cold treats at Twist in Swartz Creek.

This place has been a longtime favorite because somehow the ice cream just tastes like magic. (And the portions are super generous!)

Of course, we had to indulge one last time since we had our 4-year-old granddaughter this weekend. The one requirement -- her ice cream had to have a 'loop.' That's a deal breaker for Charleigh!

Hopefully, you're adjusting to the change of seasons. Even if that means eating ice cream at home.

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