A TV meteorologist in Lexington, KY is showing just how much of an A-Hole he can be, when someone on Facebook asked him about impending tornadoes in the viewing area.

[sic] "Facebook pays me $0. You watching WKYT is what put's food on the table. --- I've told you all morning long and will tell you again at 10am and noon on WKYT."

Just be glad Micah Harris doesn't work for TV-5, 12, or 25.

And that would be "puts," not "put's," dumba--.

The post, which was removed from Harris' Facebook page, was captured by Steve Lee. Surprisingly, some people came to the meteorologist's defense, saying people are entitled these days. Most, however, found Harris' remarks rude and unnecessary.

In my opinion, the TV station should cut his pay to $0.

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