Cats are super human. Or super catty. Maybe a bit of both.

Paul Robertson is a trucker from St. Paul, Minnesota, and Percy is his kitty cat. He adopted him from a Twin Cities animal rescue, and says that he loves life on the road. He told MPR that he's "just great, he's the calmest."

He even built him a little platform so he can ride shotgun.

One day, at a truck stop in Ohio, Paul came back to his truck to find the window down, and Percy was gone. This had happened before; Percy would see a bird, step on the window controls and slip out the open window. Paul shook his food bag, hoping to entice Percy back. It didn't work.

He started to panic because a winter storm was coming. He couldn't stay back; he had a deadline he had to meet. He gained a social media following of people who said they would check local shelters for Percy.

When he made his delivery, he saw (what he thought was) a stray cat come out from under his truck...and then he realized, IT WAS PERCY. For 400 miles, Percy had wedged himself into a spot neat the transmission and, well, rode it out. He smelled and he was hungry, but completely unharmed.

Now, Paul and Percy are internet celebrities. And I'm not gonna lie, I'm following his page, too.

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