This video nearly made my heart stop so I can hardly imagine how the stranded motorist and police officer felt after this near-miss incident.

An elderly woman suffered only a broken wrist after a police officer pulled her to safety on an Illinois highway. The woman and the officer narrowly escaped being hit by an out-of-control box truck that flipped over and slid toward them.

Peggy and Wilbur Vaught were on the side of I-64 in Illinois being assisted by a state police officer. The video shows the trooper grab Mrs. Vaught and throw her into the ditch as the truck was barrelling toward them.

“I’m still covered with bruises and everything but if I come out of this with only a broken wrist, that’s good,” she tells Fox 2.

The driver was cited for driving too fast for the conditions. The Vaughts say they hope this incident will inspire others to slow down when conditions are icy.

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