Residents in Trenton, Michigan aren't impressed with a new wrap that's been applied to the stadium seating at Trenton High School.

The new sign contains a spelling error.

On the back of the stadium bleachers is a new sign, sponsored by a local Ford Dealership. The wording on the sign was supposed to say "Welcome to Trenton High School," placed between two Trenton Trojan logos.

However, the facade incorrectly reads, "Wecome to Trenton High School."

attachment-Trenton HS

Let the Comments Begin

A picture of the new sign was posted by Kevin Fischer on the Trenton High School Facebook page. This, of course, led to a slew of comments from alumni and residents who were upset by the mistake.

"Apparently spelling isn't taught any more!" Noted Pamela Lang Wells.

Barb Fisher O'Neill noted, "We come to Trenton High School. To see a football game. It sort of works!"

"So much for being the 'best school district in Southeastern Michigan.' Oh how the mighty have fallen..." said Todd Stephen.

Daniel Joseph commented, "Mrs. Moehlenkamp, my third grade teacher at Hedke, would have put a red frowny face on the spelling test of whoever did that. This is what happens when you hire people who never had Dorothy Moehlenkamp for a teacher..."

Bill Crabtree quipped that the misspelling could be helpful. "

We want Trenton Football to win all their home games, so it's no place for an 'L.'
Jim Holz, an alumnus of Trenton High School noted, "As a Trenton alumne I thank it loks pirfectly fien to me!"
Trenton High School officials didn't respond to the Detroit Free Press' request for comment.

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