Over the past few months, people have been talking about a burger that's available on Wednesdays in downtown Flint. Some people say it's the best burger around...and they might be right.

Once a week, Soggy Bottom Bar in downtown Flint hosts what they call "Wagyu Wednesdays." This is a special day where they feature their "Double Wagyu Smash Burger" that comes with kewpie mayo, spicy pickles, and American cheese.

I feel like we've been hearing about Wagyu burgers a lot lately but I think that's due to all the advertising that Arby's does to promote their Wagyu burger.

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I recently went to Soggy Bottom Bar with a couple of buddies of mine that had been talking about how they wanted to try the Wagyu burger. I'm so glad we went, that burger was freaking incredible. Not kidding, it ranks as one of the top five best burgers I've ever had.

People were coming into Soggy Bottom that night like crazy to get their hands on that burger. So many people came in that evening that the bar eventually ran out of Wagyu.

What is Wagyu Beef?

Wagyu beef originates from Japan and is considered by many the best beef on the planet.

If you're eating Wagyu in the United States, more than likely it's some form of American Wagyu. However, you can order Japanese Wagyu but it's super expensive.

Wagyu beef is distinctive because it is highly marbled.

The other day I tried American Wagyu beef jerky from Costco and I nearly fell over. It was the best beef jerky I'd ever had in my life.

I'm starting to understand why this beef is so trendy right now.

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