It's long be thought that the toughest part for a man in the whole wedding process was popping the question. Ring, Yes, and Done. Time to sit back and let the wedding planning fall to the bride. Not so fast there boys!  Grooms today are taking a bigger interest in the planning of their nuptials and stepping up when it comes to choosing their attire for the big day. Which brings us to the dreaded tuxedo debate.

Many grooms find that although the classic black tux is the traditional look of choice for the ceremony,  it's just “not them”.  Believe it or not  there is truly no law that dictates you must wear a tux.

Last year grooms were kicking up their style with blue suits and pops of bold colors to make them stand out.  In 2021 grooms are continuing to elevate their fashion statement by embracing new and unexpected colors & prints.

Men who felt traditional black and grey formal attire never allowed them to express themselves are getting their day in the sun with such diverse styles and looks. Those just looking to chill out a tad to release some stress of the wedding day style, but keep with tradition can the bow tie for the bridal party. We're seeing tuxedos with long ties instead of the bow tie and with vests instead of cummerbunds.

If you're having a casual affair, a great look is to have your party wear khaki pants, ask them to all get the same navy blazer, and pull in the coordinating color with a pockets square or printed tie with the groom picking a different variation.  Just as your bride will express her individual fashion flair, it's your big day to also show off  your style as well.

To make sure your wedding day style is uniquely you, visit one of these local specialist and be "Groomed" to perfection for your big day.

Men's Warehouse: 4088 Miller Rd., Flint

Bridal by Viper (Jim's Formal Wear):8800 Market Place Drive, Birch Run

Perfect Fit Bridal Tuxedo, & Prom4268 W. Vienna Rd., Clio

Craig Ryan Fine Menswear: 8185 N. Holly Rd., Grand Blanc

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