Oh, the joys of fatherhood.  My younger kids aren't quite old enough to be embarrassed by me, but my oldest is quickly getting there.  And of course, like any dad, I look for every opportunity to take it to the extreme.  In honor of Father's Day this Sunday, here are the results from a recent poll listing the things kids are most embarrassed by, and things that kids love about their dads.  I can't believe "pull my finger" didn't make either list!

Top Five Things Dads Do That Embarrass Their Kids:

  1. Dancing
  2. Singing
  3. Dressing Like A Dad
  4. Bad Jokes
  5. Using 'young-person' slang

Top Five Things Dads Do That Kids Love About Their Dads:

  1. Driving them when they need a ride
  2. Giving them money
  3. Fixing things and technical know-how
  4. Being more easygoing and relaxed than mom
  5. Letting them eat in front of the TV