Michigan has a lot to offer travelers who come to visit and explore.

Last week during spring break, a lot of my friends and I took a family trip to Panama City Beach, Florida. Each year we try to find somewhere new to explore and that had me thinking. What are some of the top tourist destinations in Michigan?

Having lived here in Michigan for most of my life, I don't necessarily think about the tourist destinations in the state. If we are planning a family trip in the state, most places are just top of mind and second nature and don't process in my mind that they might be something a tourist would check out. So I tried to look at a vacation in Michigan from a non-Michigander perspective.

After simply googling where to vacation in Michigan, the following locations and destinations popped up. While I don't necessarily agree with all of them, I can see why out-of-towners might want to check them out. Frankenmuth for example is not something that pops in my head as a tourist location. It is just home to chicken and 80's Fest to me, but to others it could be worthy of a trip to Michigan. Detroit is another one that falls under this category for me, but I think that is just me being jaded having grown up around there.

People vacation to different areas for a lot of different reasons. For some, visiting a place with a rich history or natural beauty is what makes their vacation. For others, like me, a great beach town or an abundance of casinos are more what they look for. Either way, Michigan has a little bit of everything for travelers around the country looking for a great vacation.

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