Toilet paper continues to be a much-sought-after item in grocery stores across Michigan and the US, but it turns out hoarding is not entirely to blame for the shortage.

First, the United States relies on China and India for about 10% of its toilet paper supply. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, China has ceased toilet paper production and that has put a strain on the US supply.

And we're now going to the bathroom more at home.

Rich Hebert of Clean It Supply tells WOOD-TV that since more Americans have begun working from home to help slow the spread of coronavirus, that has caused a major shift for his business.

“Prior to this crisis, 80% of our sales were to businesses and 20% were to consumers, but in the last three weeks, that has flipped," Hebert said. "We are now 80% to consumers and 20% to businesses."

Additionally, medical companies and the Federal Emergency Management Agency take priority when it comes to wholesale purchasing.

Hebert says FEMA and first responders are now demanding a much bigger supply than they have in the past.

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