Was that the sound of a toilet flushing during United States Supreme Court proceedings? As a matter of fact, I think it was.

As the coronavirus pandemic has forced most of the country to meet via teleconference, Zoom, and Skype, we are all conducting business in a different way. Okay, "conducting business" may not have been the best word choice here.

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At about 20 seconds into the video below, you'll hear lawyer Roman Martinez addressing the court, ironically about robocalls.

"And what the FCC has said is that when (sound of a toilet flushing) the subject matter of the call ranges to such topics ... blah, blah, blah."

The funny thing is (besides the fact that a toilet flush was heard during oral arguments at the US Supreme Court), this occurred 59 minutes into a call that was scheduled for one hour. So someone couldn't wait one more minute?

Maturity-wise, I'm about 14 going on 55. So I think crap (again, a poor word choice) like this is funny.

We've been meeting with friends via Zoom regularly during Michigan's Stay-Home-Stay-Safe Executive Order. My wife and I have been required to participate in virtual work meetings, 80% of which is people figuring out their audio and video challenges.

My broadcast-from-home setup includes the ability to play sound effects at the touch of a button. Farts, rimshots, applause, and of course toilet flushes are a regular part of any virtual meeting I attend. It was funny in March of this year, mildly amusing in April, and we've moved to 'well past annoying' now that it's May.

It's another reason we're anxious to move beyond all this and get back to normal.


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