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A 2-year-old Flint boy has suffered third-degree burns inflicted by his mom and her boyfriend, reportedly because the boy was having potty-training issues.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton tells WNEM-TV that the boy suffered from third-degree burns so deep that he has suffered damage to his internal organs and brain.

“The burns I witnessed in the photographs are just terrible, the kind of pictures that will give you nightmares,” Leyton stated.

Leyton says he believes the boy's mother Keyanna Paulette Pope and her boyfriend Kenyatta Kendrick Gardner placed the boy in a bath of scalding hot water because their efforts to toilet train the boy had failed. The abuse allegedly happened in front of another child, the boy's older sister who was present in the home.

The incident is believed to have taken place on Wednesday, February 3, but supposedly the couple did not call 911 to report the boy's injuries until the next day after he had such distress that he stopped breathing.

Leyton tells WNEM that a petition has been filed with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services in order to initiate protective services for the boy and his sibling.

We are personally beside ourselves. We can only hope that there is a special place in Hell for this couple and anyone else that inflicts such harm on a helpless child.

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