A three-year-old boy is in critical condition after taking a seven-story fall from an apartment building in Detroit. The fall happened at about 9 this morning (5/21) at the New Center Pavillion, near Woodward and Grand River in Detroit.

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How did it happen

The boys' parents were present at the time of the accident but in a different room of the apartment. Authorities say the window was open but there was a screen in place. They believe the toddler was able to push the screen from the opening before he fell. In the video below from WXYZ, you'll see the screen lying in the mulch below the window.

Although the window does have locks, it was likely opened because of the hot weather.

The mulch may have saved the boy

The toddler landed on a bed of landscaping mulch outside the apartment building. Authorities believe that provided a semi-soft landing for the boy. Initially, the boy was listed in stable condition with no serious, life-threatening injuries. However, his condition has been downgraded to critical, as he may have suffered a head injury.

Police are investigating

Authorities say the boy's parents were home at the time of the accident. The incident is under investigation and the child's parents are currently with their son at Children's Hospital.

Parents are urged to always supervise children as they play and should not allow their children to play within two to three feet of open windows. Screens are only designed to keep bugs out and are not strong enough to keep children or pets from falling out of an open window.

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