Tiny house living, downsizing, minimalism - maybe it's not for you on a permanent basis, but it is something that might be fun to check out for a weekend. This tiny house Airbnb is the perfect place to try it on for size.

What's This Tiny House in Michigan All About?

'Tiny House' homes make excellent use of space, utilizing every inch of interior room as living space. This tiny house, built on what appears to be an old railroad car, doesn't disappoint as it makes the most of every inch of space.

It's tiny on the outside, but this immaculate Airbnb (hosted by Superhost Tim) is mighty on the inside with room to accommodate four adults in two sleeping areas featuring queen-size beds. Notice that we said 'sleeping areas,' not 'bedrooms.' As you'll see in the pics below, one sleeping area is in a loft above the other.

Okay, so while it's cute and accommodating, it may not offer a tremendous amount of privacy if couples are looking for a romantic getaway.

But There are a Lot of Ammenities

Although tiny houses don't offer a lot of room for stuff, this one does offer some nice amenities. There is a washer and dryer, as wells as heating and air-conditioning, TV, microwave, grill, WiFi, parking, and an indoor fireplace.

There are chickens on the premises, so free, fresh eggs are available as well.

Is Tiny House Living Right for Me?

I've always been intrigued by tiny homes. The idea of weeding out lots of extra stuff (OK, junk) and adopting a minimalist lifestyle has a certain appeal.

This Airbnb gives you a chance to check out the tiny-house lifestyle without much commitment.

Check out 'A Pebble in Rock City' (a nod to the Motor City's nickname 'Detroit Rock City') in the pictures below.


There's a Tiny House Airbnb in Michigan With a Tiny-ish Price

This tiny house Airbnb near Detroit is called 'A Pebble in Rock City,' as a nod to the Motor City's nickname, 'Detroit Rock City.'

It's a Tiny Home Airbnb with a tiny-ish price, going for about $95 per night.

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