Guys like this THRIVE on attention, good or bad. So let's not give it to him. 

It was announced yesterday that white supremacist and professional rabble-rouser Richard Spencer will, in fact, speak at the University of Michigan

The announcement came after a legal battle, where Spencer and his lawyers sued MSU for refusing to allow him to speak on campus, citing first amendment rights.

Okay. I get it. You can't allow free speech only for causes you agree with. Yes, MSU will have to pay security costs.

But here's the kicker...his speech will take place on the first day of spring break, which is a tactical move by MSU to avoid unnecessary conflict, hoping that most students will be off-campus and won't show up to protest.

Here's the thing: guys like this LOVE the media coverage (which I'm sure you could argue that we're giving him, just by posting this, and that's okay - I'll take the heat). They love it whether it's good or bad. That's what they WANT.

The solution is simple - don't show up to his speech, even to protest.

Can you imagine the bruise to this guy's ego if NOBODY shows up to see him speak? He WANTS people to show up and yell at him and protest and boo him. He feeds off of it. So, let's not give it to him. Let's not give him ANYTHING.

He wants a platform, and a platform he shall have. But a platform doesn't mean anything if nobody's listening. ;)

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