Keep in mind while your reading this that it was written by a 14-year-old girl. Take a look.According to this 14-year-old girl, kids wouldn’t have to sneak around behind their parents’ backs and do things that got them in trouble if they just had a little more freedom to do the things they really want to do. Restricting kids makes them want to rebel and act crazy.

In her words,here are the three things this 14-year-old girl says you should let them do before their 16.

Wear makeup. I asked my mom if I can wear some mascara to school and she said, “No.” I was like, “Why?” and she was like, “You’re too young.” Ugh. She should just put that on a T-shirt because I hear that a lot. I think, as long as they don’t go outside looking like a clown or prostitute or something, girls should be allowed to wear makeup. Especially if their moms teach their children how to properly apply that makeup and show them the amounts to wear for certain occasions. I just want to wear a little mascara and lipstick. And a little blush. And maybe a little shadow. But that’s it.

Go on dates. I mean, a loner like me shouldn’t necessarily be worried about this, but for other desirable kids, I feel as though parents should let their children date depending on their maturity level. If you feel like you’ve raised your child right and they won’t do anything stupid, then they should be allowed to date. There should be certain rules, like you have to meet their boo and approve of the person they’re choosing to date. That’s fair. You should also make your child feel like they can come to you and trust you for dating advice. But keeping kids from dating just makes them want to sneak.

Get tatted up. I want so many tattoos and piercings. I’m going to get my nose, tongue, and belly button pierced, and get that bar through my ear. Kids should be able to get piercings because you can take them out. Plus, if they go to a tattoo parlor and get it done professionally, they’ll be less likely to get infections instead of letting a friend do it. So it’s just best to let them get it done instead of doing it and hiding it.

You were 16 once, right? What did you wish your parents would’ve let you do?