Literally the definition of "ask and ye shall receive."

Wayne Wilson of Niles died on May 28th at the age of 67. He served in the Army from 1971-1977. His obituary reads:

He was born on Tuesday, December 11, 1951, in Michigan City, the son of the late Marion and the late Beatrice (Troffer) Wilson. He was a truck driver for many years. Wayne proudly served in the Army from 1971 to 1977, during the Vietnam War. He was passionate about helping his fellow wounded veterans and encouraged others to give to the Paralyzed Veterans Association.

Sadly, Wayne had no living relatives, so a plea was put out in the local paper for people to come to his funeral and pay their respects. He received full military honors and a military salute; the Sergeant-at-arms of the local VFW post said that he's never seen a response like this - over 3,000 people showed up.

Some drove from as far as Florida and Tennessee to pay their last respects to an American hero. Amazing...somebody's cutting onions in here.

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