As her legs gave out, the two runners stopped their own race to help her to the finish line.

It happened at the Philadelphia Love Run Half-Marathon on Sunday. You can see the woman start to wobble as she approaches the finish line. Then, two fellow runners stop to help her - and carry her to the finish line.

I ran a little bit in high school and college, but stopped about 10 years ago. I tried running when we lived in Seattle, but we lived downtown. Three words: too many hills. Haven't run since then. I took it back up when we moved here to Flint in 2014, and I haven't stopped since. One of the most rewarding sports you can be involved in.

There's NO JUDGEMENT. Nobody cares if you run a 6 minute mile or a 16 minute mile. Runners support each other, regardless of ability. And this is just further proof of it. LOVE this video!


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