We all have words that challenge us. Many people definitely struggle to spell the word definitely. I have to make a conscious effort to spell conscious correctly. And then there's grateful. Why the hell isn't it greatful? That would make so much more sense.

Spellcheck helps, but it doesn't know the difference between pore and pour or compliment and complement. And it definitely can't help you when it comes to knowing to express 'every day' as one word or two. (Yes, there is a difference.)

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Google to the Rescue

"Google, how do you spell _________?

AT&T used Google Trends to determine which words we struggle with the most and has released the most commonly misspelled words for each state since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

What is Michigan's most misspelled word? (We used it in the last sentence.)

From March 24, 2020, to March 24, 2021, people in Michigan Googled to find out the correct spelling of 'coronavirus' more than any other word.

(By the way, our most common misspelling of that word is 'caronavirus.')

Don't feel bad if you struggle to spell coronavirus. Residents of five other states, including  Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and West Virginia also struggle with that one.

Other Words We Struggle With

Quarantine is another biggie. People in 12 states have trouble with that word, often misspelling it as 'corn teen.'

Favorite, which, every, and separate are also tough. For a look at the most commonly misspelled word in each state, click here. Definitely.

Most commonly misspelled words
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