Mirrors - strategically placed - can make a room look bigger. But there is such a thing as going overboard and the owners of a home in Oakbrook, Illinois, prove that time and time again. In room, after room, after hideous room, you'll find mirrors, mirrors, and more mirrors. It's a true reflection of just how bad the owners' taste really is.

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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall (And Everywhere Else Too)

This four-bedroom, five-bathroom home has mirrors in just about every room. The kitchen cabinets feature cupboard doors with mirrored surfaces, the sides of the pool table have been outfitted with mirrors, and even the top of the dining room table is covered in mirrors.

And wait until you see the bathrooms. There are so many mirrors and mirror-covered walls that it's hard to tell the difference between the actual bathroom and the reflections.

Can you imagine what it's like stepping out of the shower? Who the hell needs to see that many naked images of themself staring back? It's bad enough that we have one mirror in our bathroom at home.

It's Not a Funhouse

Don't get the wrong idea, this isn't like stepping into a funhouse at a carnival. There aren't convex and concave mirrors distorting images. They're all just regular mirrors reflecting everything, every which way.


Somebody must be interested because after only four days on Zillow, this home is already under contract, meaning that the seller has already accepted an offer.

The Zillow listing concludes with "Bring your decorating ideas." No kidding!

This House of Mirrors is Super Shiny Inside (and a wee bit Hideous)

This house of mirrors, located in Oakbrook, Illinois, is something to see.

The owners put mirrors everywhere they could think of, including the edges of the pool table.

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