Closing and opening the pool each year could be a thing of the past, as this affordable home in Fenton features a beautiful pool in the basement.

Is This House With an Indoor Pool Really Affordable?

Obviously, the word 'affordable' is highly subjective. What some families may consider affordable will be well out of reach for others, so we decided to draw the line at $1 million. Since we're talking about an extreme-luxury item - an indoor pool certainly falls into the category - we figured any home with such an amenity that lists for less than seven figures can loosely be termed 'affordable.'

The price tag on this almost 3,000 square foot home in Fenton meets that criteria, listing at $622,000. That's a far cry from this $118-room Detroit home with bids starting at $2.5 million earlier this year, or a $5 million monstrosity for sale in Battle Creek that also features a 5,000 square foot bunker.

Luxury Living on Lake Shannon

If a giant, inground, indoor pool isn't enough wet fun, living and playing on Lake Shannon should help fulfill the quota. The property also a waterfall, private covered deck, and a heated garage.

Take a look at the photos below. Major renovations were done in 2008, and we love some of the nice touches like the spiral staircase that leads from the master bedroom down to the pool area. There are breathtaking views of the lake from the sunroom and there's a spacious family room in the finished basement just steps from the pool.

The listing is being handled by Suzette Collins of RE/MAX Home Sale Services.

This Affordable Fenton Home Has a Sweet Indoor Pool

If the drudgery of opening and closing a pool every season is overwhelming, this affordable home on Lake Shannon in Fenton solves that problem nicely.

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