This should go without saying at this point, but know this: what you tweet, and pretty much anything you put online, isn't anonymous.

President Barack Obama got his own Twitter account on Monday. @POTUS will be the official Twitter account for any sitting President from now on. Of course, people took this opportunity to say a bunch of nasty, inappropriate and creepy things to him.

But before you take this opportunity to hate on him, hit on him and everything in between, know that every single tweet sent to @POTUS is being archived by the White House. The Secret Service also monitors everything that is tweeted to him. Now, let's be fair: this doesn't just apply to the President. This applies to the internet (mostly social networking) in general.

When you tweet, Facebook or upload information, it can live forever in search engines, caches, etc. Some of it will disappear if you delete your account, but some of it will not.

Here's the full article from the Washington Post.

So remember: you DO have the freedom of speech to say whatever you want. You are NOT, however, free from the consequences of saying something stupid.

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