The screenplay is written, but this poor guy needs for somebody in Hollywood to read it.

Trevor Schindeler states on his GoFundMe page:

Here’s why.  For twenty-three years, I have tried to get someone, anyone, inside Fortress Hollywood to read my screenplay.  To date, no one has.  Everyone has refused to read it including producers, directors, actors, and even entertainment agents.  Why?  There is a strict policy in Hollywood against reading “unsolicited” work.  Of course, no one has been so kind as to “solicit” my screenplay.  Hollywood has circled the wagons to keep people like you and me out.  Playing by Hollywood’s rules is not working.  That is why I am mounting this social media campaign to storm the barricades of Fortress Hollywood.   

While we totally agree that Hollywood has built a wall around themselves, we're not totally convinced that the world needs a Wayne's World 3.  Or, as Schindeler calls it, Wayne's Leisure World. Good luck, buddy!