I will admit it - I didn't want to do the blackhead video. I fought AJ on it tooth and nail. And now, it's the most viewed video on our YouTube channel.

We worked really hard on our videos this year, so it's fascinating to us to see which of them got the most views. Can you tell how cranky I was when we made this video?

Our second most viewed video on the Cars 108 YouTube channel is the Dachshund races at the Frankenmuth Dog Bowl. It was our first time at the event, and we went with our friends Scott and Sam. Their dog Dagny participated...but didn't win. She was tired, and it was hot.

Our third most viewed video is our "No Bra Day" post-show video. In the words of AJ, "People watched it because I said that I took my bra off. They didn't realize that I have no boobs."

Our fourth most viewed video was the Sleeping Cat/Goldfish Challenge. Saw it on Reddit, had to try it. It worked.

Our fifth most viewed video was a surprise to us both. It was an on-air tribute to my friend Horacio, who passed away unexpectedly the day before. It was very self-serving; obviously, very few (if any) listeners knew him as well. But I wanted people to realize how precious life is, and to make sure to tell your friends and family that you love them.

Overall, it was a fantastic year. Thanks for keeping up with our nonsense! And don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!



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