News that Arnold Palmer, one of golf's most famous figures, had passed away at 87 in Pittsburgh on Sunday (September 25), hit TV and internet media outlets on Sunday evening. Sunday night was also The Simpsons' Season 28 premiere, and by odd coincidence, the episode featured a bit about the sports legend's namesake beverage.

In the scene, Homer Simpson tells Marge about a sticky prank he and Carl are planning on their pal Lenny. "I'm gonna fill a Super Soaker full of lemonade, Carl's gonna fill one full of iced tea, and we're gonna 'Arnold Palmer' Lenny when he walks in!" He then loosely explains to a confused Marge what an Arnold Palmer is: A mix of two parts iced tea and one part lemonade, invented by the golfer.

Simpsons producer Al Jean acknowledged the timing after the east coast premiere, tweeting, "v v sorry to learn of death of Arnold Palmer what a giant." A fan then asked if the joke would be "cut from the West Coast feed out of respect," to which Jean replied, "of course I wish I could but it's too late. One if the all-time greats in any sport."

Out of respect? Why wouldn't we want to acknowledge Palmer's legitimate and delicious contribution to the beverage game, among his many other professional and personal accomplishments, at a time like this? Watch The Simpsons clip discussing Arnold Palmer (the man and the drink) above, and check out some reactions below.

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