The celebrity roast that Flint never knew it wanted is coming, as local comedians line up to roast Flint city councilman, Eric Mays.

Eric Mays has become in infamous figure in Flint over the last decade.  The laundry list of memorable Eric Mays stories will undoubtedly be on full display at the roast.

As happy as I am for something like this to happen, I can't help but worry that it will get shut down before the actual show date.

If we're lucky enough to make it to show date, and it's still on, you can see the hilarity at the McCree Theatre on March 11th.

If it does happen, I want to be a guest roaster, just so I can ask how the hell anyone ends up in a car facing the wrong direction, WITH FOUR FLAT TIRES?!

In fact, everyone should submit their Eric Mays one liners in the comments below, so all the comedians will have some added material.

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