They're squeezing every last dollar out of ALL of us, and here's the newest scam.

I was buying tickets for me and my son to go see the first live show of The Masked Singer in Detroit. I do consider myself a concert/show aficionado; I go to more shows than the average bird. And before you jump all over it, no - I don't always get free tickets through the radio station. 90% of the time, I'm buying said tickets myself.

As I was in the virtual waiting room at Ticketmaster, I couldn't figure out why some of the mezzanine tickets cost more than others. They weren't better seats, so why the price change?

They're aisle seats. Yes, really.

They're charging $20 more PER TICKET if you want an aisle seat. AJ thinks that this is discrimination against tall people; she's almost six-feet-tall and always tries to get an aisle seat so she has more legroom.

Screw you, Ticketmaster - I bought the seats NEXT to the aisle seat.

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