Romance is in the air and if your Valentine's Day has watching a movie on the agenda we have some suggestions for you.  It seems that  every state has that one movie that tops their list as the best of the best when in comes to romantic comedies. We have the full breakdown just in time for cupids big day and its clear that there's a great romantic comedy that almost every person can relate to.

House Method decided to take a closer look and found that Michigander took the 2011 film Bridesmaids as their pick that light-hearted humor. The movie was second in overall favorite across the county just behind The 40 Year Old Virgin. The two end up being the top two winning rom-coms in 30 out of 50 states.

Other favorites across the country s are 13 Going on 30 , 500 Days of Summer,Wedding Crashers, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Less known favorite to claim a state were Chocolat, and Hawaii’s choice, Under the Tuscan Sun.

The surveyors also had some fun in compiling a list of favorite romantic comedies by age, specially the decade of birth. Check out where you fall in the poll below.

Regardless of where you call home or how old you may be, it's a sure bet that everyone loves a good old fashion love story with an upbeat twist. Best bet for a chill V-Day....couch+movie.

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