Longtime television newsman Bill Harris may quite well be Genesee County's own version of Walter Cronkite. A staple in the community for close to 40 of his 50 years of broadcast journalism, Harris is finishing his last week behind the anchor desk at NBC25 & FOX66 News.

The local icon stopped by the station to chat with me today about what the future holds and which moments that made him proud of his career. From the happiest of stories to those that made even a seasoned journalist choke up, Harris has made us laugh and cry with a familiarity that has us all feeling that we all "know" him.

Harris noted that of all his career highlights, a personal story that shines just a little brighter for him -- the diagnosis of prostate cancer that stopped him in his tracks. His decision to take the battle on publicly to raise awareness was a defining moment in an already successful career. "I received a message at work sometime after the story aired, and the caller told me I saved her husband's life." It's those moments he says he sees as monumental.

Devoted viewers will be happy to know the nine-time Emmy award-winning anchor won't be going away completely. Harris will be entering what he calls “semi-retirement” mode. Look for the face we trust and love to pop up for occasional news stories, special projects such as “Classy Brassy Christmas & More” and others he's previously been involved with, as well as the occasional appearance back on the anchor desk... a place he loves.

Bill Harris will anchor his last, regularly scheduled, newscast Friday, May 31st on FOX66 News at 10. From all of us who have enjoyed watching and knowing you, we thank you....oh, and from this Boston girl -- Go Bruins!

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