The farm says that he's "as happy as can be and loves his speed."

At Overlook Acres in upstate New York, about six litters of bunnies were born during the recent frigid cold...and many of them didn't make it.

One of the bunnies was still alive, but frozen and unable to use its back legs.

A woman named Christina Griffith took in the bunnies, and bottle-fed them. And as for the one who couldn't use his legs - she bought a tiny skateboard at the dollar store and fashioned it into a mini-wheelchair.

The post says, "It appeared he was paralyzed from his belly down. Normally this circumstance would result in putting the animals down and out of his misery but he didn’t seem to be in any pain. He managed to still pull himself around the floor and was moving faster than the other babies.”

After the video went viral, the farm has decided to start a Kickstarter fund to write children's books about the bunny, whom they've named Wheels.

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