The money will be used to provide GPS tracking devices to families of autistic children.

Nineteen fraternities at the University of Michigan say that they've raised over $60,000, partnering with the Autism Alliance of Michigan. Their goal is to help keep track of children on the spectrum who have a tendency to wander.

They plan on announcing it on Sunday at 1 PM at  Alpha Sigma Phi in Ann Arbor, along with the parents of Sean Taglione. Sean was 12-years-old when he passed away back in 2012. He was autistic; he wandered away from his home and was hit by a car.

This comes as federal legislation is being introduced that seeks $10 million in funds for the same thing.

As a parent of a child on the autism spectrum, I think this is wonderful. We're very lucky; our son is high-functioning and has never had an issue with wandering off. But I can't imagine how invaluable this would be to a parent who has a child who is prone to this. Well done! And thank you!

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