"It still brings tears to my eyes because I remember how special the moment was, since he doesn't do those things with other people."

Amanda Coley's son Jackson is 2-years-old, and was diagnosed as nonverbal autistic right after the family's trip to Disney last November. He has two brothers, Ethan, 13, and 9-year-old Landon, who has a high-functioning form of autism. He gets along well with them and his therapists, but not so much with strangers. He's not even social with other family members, including his grandparents.

But something was different when he met Snow White.

"To our surprise, he didn't get up and leave," Coley told Today.com. "He just suddenly melted and was perfectly content."

He loved the experience so much that he now watches the video at home repeatedly.

Amanda says that she hopes this will inspire other parents of children with autism. "Take them places and try things. We had no idea how Jack would react to Snow White the way he did. You truly never know what's going to touch them and bring a reaction out of them that you're not used to seeing."

As parents of an autistic child, we can absolutely relate to this. New experiences can be very challenging, and very nerve-racking. This gives us all hope! :)