Grand Rapids native Rob Bliss has created another activist video, highlighting people standing up to bullies.

The video was shot at the Fulton Street Rapid bus stop in Grand Rapids with local actresses. However, all of the people that interacted with the girls are complete strangers. The video took four days and 30 hours to film, with Bliss sitting in his car across the street.

"Over half of the people who witnessed the bullying responded while others were on their phones, listening to music or simply sat too far away."

Bliss's company, Bliss Creative, is also the company behind last year's video with the Lowell, Michigan Police Department, where they stopped citizens for minor traffic incidents and gave them gifts instead of tickets. Here's the video on our site --->

Obviously, not every reaction in the bullying video is "good" news. But the fact that so many people did respond, and that Bliss created a video for Anti-Bullying Month, is definitely good news.