Piper is a 7-year-old border collie who works at the Traverse City airport...chasing birds off the runway.

No, seriously. It's his job. He's part of the FAA's Wildlife Hazard Management Plan for the airport. Along with Piper, the airport has pyrotechnics and sirens that also scare birds off the runway.

Airport operations director Brian Edwards told Michigan Radio, "I never thought the airport director would go for it. But it wasn’t difficult to train Piper; border collies are bred for this. They are sheep herding dogs who can be used in a similar way for birds. So as soon as the birds are in the air, Piper will leave it be and move onto something else."

Piper has an Instagram that you can follow. Like I need another dog to follow on Instagram! But I totally will. Woof woof, my friend. Great work.

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